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enyaga sent:

Once you get this, you have to say five nice things about yourself publicly, then send this to ten of your favorite followers.

Okay, I’m sorry it’s taken me a day to do this Miga (how do I even write nice things about myself anyway?). So let’s try this (no laughing).

1. I’m a loyal friend and will do my very best to help anyone out even to the extent of changing my own plans to do it.

2. As soon as I got a job I arranged for a monthly charity donation to be taken from my wages, even though I didn’t earn much. It used to be to the R.S.P.C.A. but now I donate to the Cats Protection League instead.

3. I try to commission Tumblr art as much as possible because I remember being a starving art student with no money because it all went on paper and fabrics and if anything, I like to think it would help those in need to keep persevering with their chosen path.

4. I’m a good listener and while I can’t guarantee to give decent advice, people can always rant and moan at me just to get it off their chest.

5. I am always the designated driver for my family and friends (which is noble until you hear my 6’ dad moaning about getting in the back of my Beetle XDD)

There we go, you can all wake up now haha. I’m not sending any of these out because I’m on my phone and it’s a pain in the backside. Sorry.

Duplo Tornado no Mangá

Double Tornado in the Manga


last night i used the miiverse to take some screenshots of the credits of inazuma eleven 3!! because of the 3ds these screenshots are slightly bigger than the ds ones also i cropped out the black bars

aqulina4 sent:

Hi Ishido-sama, I love your blog! Can I ask you of lineart of Mizukawa Minori? If you have some.. ^.^''

Thank you so much (Ishido-sama though…ahhhh, you’re embarrassing me!! (*/ω\*) )

Unfortunately the Galaxy Settei book hasn’t been released yet (or not to my knowledge anyway) so I can’t post linearts for you but here is her section from the Data book, I hope it helps in the meantime.

Thank you for being so sweet about my blog!



so there’s this new meme




Better Inazuma Break gifs!

Last ones were grainy :/


Some Ishido’s from the Gryphon movie~

I feel this is almost the prequel to THIS