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Ishido Sanctuary

This is the best/worst goal I have ever scored.


how to ruin your life:

  • get attached to a fictional character
  • thats it
The Bonds Of Friendship: Inazuma Break Trio

Tellu celebration poses for shirakabait

Gouenji’s people skills really need some work


Super quick drawing for Bloom Week, I really liked Bloom’s character in the games, in MM especially he reminded me of the logical detectives that are usually foils to Miss Marple in Agatha Christie’s works idk

Masato is delusional to how similar he and Shuuya actually are.

Dedicated to Tumblr user gouenjimasato following our many wonderful headcanon discussions regarding Masato and the other lookalikes.


OHMYGOD Hikari & Takeru <3 YEEEEEES *-*

(x) & (x)

Why have I only just discovered that Mesa’s code has been released?


Colored sketch!