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I took some pics of the credits….it’s very cute

Are you sure you’re not related?


why are you guys always so surprised about this like do you all really think that every other team is just sitting around farting while you guys practice

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Remember that time Kidou attacked a guard and it didn’t involve the use of soccer?

Diamond Dust girls for petiteantoinete


In which Shirou sasses everyone


Anonymous asked: Some Gouenji please?

Episode 1: Gouenji Shuuya.

sarah-i-majed sent:

What's your favorite episode in Inazuma eleven ?

I have mentioned this before in that 30 day thing I did a while back but I don’t mind answering it again.

Episode 36 of Go is my absolute favourite when Tenma discovered that the person who saved him and he idolised was the one that was controlling soccer and making him miserable.

From the minute Yuuka asked Tenma to meet someone and then Seitei appeared at the top of the stairs… 


To the way Ishido implied that it was Tenma who was taking soccer away from everyone and not him…


And then the hint of the real Gouenji as he stops the mugger from hitting Tenma and stealing his the lady’s bag off him…


And then Tenma’s awful realisation that the person who made him want to play soccer in the first place and come to Raimon is the one doing all these terrible things to the game he loves…


But when questioned on it, Ishido just tells Tenma to win Holy Road and then wanders off…


Before returning to the two loves of his life…


And finally meeting up with Tsurugi who knows his true identity and asks him for a favour…


Overall, everything about this episode was perfect for me. And while it’s no surprise to anyone that I favour the original characters over the Go ones, Go season 1 is still my favourite because I just love the adults so much.