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Anonymous whispered: Of you would mind could you show us how you do your drawing style? I'm a big fan and want to art as good as you *~*


uh…. so first of all thank you;;;;  how i do draw is mostly disorganized….  its had for me to even try to show my processes because i am terribly inconsistent

BUT FIRST if you really want to get better at art all i can tell you is PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTIcE, PRACTICE PRACTICE and some more practice

… i first started to draw in 6th grade so like 2005-2006… and i first started messing more with trying to develop my own style around uh… 10th grade (2009-2010)? (it was like 3 am and i was doodle with a friend completely unseriously like hahahaha doesn’t this look stupid…. and the n i sorta liked) either way that is what has evolved into how i draw now… and it still evolves and changes… since art will never be “perfect”. there’s always a way to improve. a lot of change comes from just tweaking little things that you notice could be better, of course when you do that you notice more things you can start changing which is why you can always get better… letting your art evolve is important and recognizing that is a thing is important too.

idk i might just be pulling things out of my ass right now…

very not useful example of how i draw under the cut (i am sorry)(idkwhyidrewgouenji):

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i’ve been feeling crappy nauseous this morning bleh. but i think the tea is slowly helping. so i did a ” draw a character in what you’re wearing” doodle.