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meowermaneki sent:

Dear Ishido you're the best of the best for all of these beautiful scans and it's terrible that people would have the guts of stealing them, thank you so much for all of these

Thank you so much, you have no idea how happy that makes me feel! You’ve made me a lot happier than I was earlier ( ; w ; )


Right now I’m really considering deleting this blog and leaving Tumblr completely so your message came at a good time for me. Thank you.

Original Cast in the Galaxy Databook


…Not that much.

Grand Celestia Galaxy Teams Data Sheets for rodan-gasgus

Galaxy Databook Team Height Charts


I did a thing (。 >艸<)

EDIT: I changed his hair and now I’m happier with him


My fav and only OT3 i love them so much ;~;

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I can’t stop drawing Kidou with his designated twin brother someone help me.