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Name: pathetic, look at this load of rubbish


Need a way to call someone pathetic /and/ a load of rubbish? British dub Atsuya is here to help!

But what if Gouenji and Bloom were the same person??….

So I decided to make a Leonard Bloom keyring (as is my way with my obsessions *coughs*) and thought I’d make his design into a little blinking gif since I love this man so much.

And here’s the keyring (light isn’t great in my house tonight, oh well)

zanark-avalonic replied to your photo
this is amazing

AAAAHHH! Thank you so much, it makes me so happy knowing you liked it :3 


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Detective Bloom and the…

I made a quick little something for Bloom week! As usual, a more lengthy description is through the link, though it does contain PL5/PL6 spoilers.

I’ve made it transparent so people can use it on their blogs or pages much easier if they want to, as well as not put my usual watermark/url info on. I do ask that in return you don’t edit/obscure or otherwise deface my art credit though. :)


Mama Suga to the rescue.

Inazuma Break 14/24