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I got the Gouenji and Kidou Best Eleven bromides today.

I still say they look like THIS when you put them together!

ishidoshuuji sent:

Please write about how Gouenji turned into Seitei (see...I didn't ask you to write GouKi stuff for once)


Endou, Gouenji and the gang had just stepped into the world of professional soccer. During their first match, Gouenji scored the goal that gave their team the victory, and Endou celebrated it by grabbing his bottle of Ice Storm Powerade and sprayed it all over Gouenji’s hair.

"God, that Endou and his stupid addiction to energy drinks… Couldn’t he drink water like regular people?" Gouenji muttered to himself as he tried to scrub the blue beverage out of his hair for the umpteenth time. "Next time I see him, I’m going to make him pay for all the shampoo I’m wasting and shove that stupid bottle up his–"

But Gouenji couldn’t even finish ranting. He saw his reflection on the metal surface of the toilet-paper holder, and he rushed out of the shower to get a better view of himself in the mirror.

His usually pointy hair was down now, due to the lack of hair gel on it and the plentiful streams of water that he had used to try to wash off the Powerade. The accidental blue dye still remained on most of the tips of his hair, though.

Gouenji narrowed his eyes, and he liked what he saw. Oh, how he liked it.

"I’m going out, Yuuka!" Gouenji shouted after dressing up with the worst clothes he could find in his closet.

"Where are you going, onii-chan?"

"I’m going to get ALL DA LADIES dominate soccer.”

"Oh, okay. Have fun!"

That day, the legend of the Fire Striker came to an end, but the legend of the Sassy Soccer Dictator had yet to begin.

(Seriously now, I’ll try to write something proper for you, just give me some time xDDD)



People have written a lot of touchy-feely pieces on this subject but I thought I’d get right to the heart of the matter

Masaki Teiya Lineart for petiteantoinete

Serei Kazutoyo celebration poses for 

Otomura became available to download…why don’t you smile???

Guardian Deity.



ishidoshuuji sent:

Your drawings are fabulous! Can I make a request for Ishido Shuuji? Thank you :3


Thank youuuuu ~ Take this sexy Ishido Shuuji as a rewards <3image